Sunday, December 20, 2009

Extended Erlang-B EEBTv1.0 - Free Edition

Extended Erlang-B Tools (EEBT) is a small but powerful utility similar to previously mentioned Tools (e.g. Erlang-B EBT,Erlang-C ECT, Poisson PT). EEBT deals with the Extended Erlang-B iteration formula, which extend the original Erlang-B by taking retries into account. It offers both direct calculations (with respect to the parameters in the formula) and queries for a certain range of parameter values in forms of tables. Free edition of this tool can be downloaded here. The interface/visual appearance can be seen below.

Features of EEBTv1.0:

  • Basic EEB query/calculation with an advanced note displayed on a nice user interface

  • Applying a hybrid approach: direct calculations (1st and 2nd Tabs) and queries (1st and 3rd Tabs)

  • Java-based, it's should be run ok on any machine; To run the program you might need the latest JVM/JRE from Sun Microsystems.

EEBT comes in three editions:

  • EEBTv1.0 Free Edition; this is intended for those who lightly work with EEB and don't calculate involving a large number of lines/trunks/traffic/loads. This version is limited to 60 Erlangs/lines (for query) and to 100 Erlangs/lines (for direct calculation)

  • EEBTv1.0 Standard Edition; this version is limited to 300 Erlangs/lines (for query) and 1500 Erlangs/lines/devices for direct calculation

  • EEBTv1.0 Plus Edition; this version is limited to 1200 Erlangs/lines (for query) and and 1500 Erlangs/lines/devices for direct calculation

The Plus and Standard Edition can be purchased via Harewos.Software site. Below is download link for EEBTv1.0 Free Edition:

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