Thursday, December 10, 2009

Erlang-B Tools (EBT) v1.0

Erlang-B Tools (EBT) is a small utility to help students/engineers which are intensively using Erlang-B tables/equations. It offers both direct calculations (with respect to the parameters in the Erlang-B formula) and queries for a certain range of parameter values in forms of tables. Free edition of this tool can be downloaded here. The interface/visual appearance can be seen below.

Features of EBTv1.0:
  • Basic Erlang-B query/calculation with an advanced note displayed on a nice user interface

  • Applying a hybrid approach: direct calculations (1st and 2nd Tabs) and queries (1st and 3rd Tabs)

  • Java-based, it's should be run ok on any machine; however I haven't tested it yet on machines other than those running Windows Vista x86; feedbacks are welcome :-)
To run the program you might need the latest JVM/JRE from Sun Microsystems.

EBT comes in three editions:
  • EBTv1.0 Free Edition; this is intended for those who lightly work with Erlang-B and don't calculate involving a large number of lines/trunks/traffic/loads. This version is limited to 60+ Erlangs/lines (for query) and to 100+ Erlangs/lines (for direct calculation)

  • EBTv1.0 Standard Edition; this version is limited to 300+ Erlangs/lines (for query) and without (programmatic) limitations for direct calculations (however it could be users' machine limited!)

  • EBTv1.0 Plus Edition; this version is limited to 1200 Erlangs/lines (for query) and without (programmatic) limitations for direct calculations.
While EBTv1.0 Free Edition can be downloaded freely, the other two editions can be purchased via Harewos.Software site. Below are some other screenshots of the tool.

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